Every month, you need to process pay slips for your employees and submit to CPF.
When you want to hire foreigners, work pass applications could be complex.

You May Think …

“I am the Boss. I can calculate my own staff’s pay.”

When human error causes a staff to get less pay, you can be sure that the staff will come knocking on your door.

This interrupts your work, and sours the relationship (even if you did not do it on purpose).

Worst is, the staff could lodge a complaint to MOM for unauthorized deduction. Then you are really in trouble.

Outsourcing May Be Better

To hire a full-time HR person may not always be cost effective.

And to invest so much confidential power in one person may not be wise for sensitive pay matters.

Experience is needed to correctly submit documents for work pass applications.

How We Can Help You

Our specialized payroll software eliminates human errors. Results are validated and fast. We have used this software for many companies.

We ensure your law compliance with timely submission to CPF . Trust us to efficiently complete the work pass application processes for your new foreign hires.

Choose from various options and let us demonstrate our HR and Payroll processing & outsourcing service.

Monthly or bi-weekly administration and calculation of employees’ salaries

Calculation and filing of monthly statutory contributions

Generating payroll reports and payslips

Filing of IR21 (tax clearance for foreign employees)

Preparation of year-end personal tax form (Form IR8A)

Work pass applications, appearls, renewals and cancellation

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