Soul of Business

In every new or established business, accounting and corporate secretarial services are essential to comply with Singapore law.

This is why we started AnC Corporate Services.

Singapore’s businesses are tightly governed. Processes to register and administrate your company can be hard to understand. We remove your headache of technical words and save you weeks of research.

Occasionally, you heard examples of companies violating the law. They are heavily punished with fines and jail time. We offer guidance and ensure punctual submission of documents for your compliance to the law.

Using combined experience of more than 70 years, we helped numerous industries in Singapore. Unlike others, we know which procedures work best for you, and which do not.

Leveraging on 3 pillars of expertise (strategic business planning, financial accounting, statutory law), we grant you a full range of advice for your peace of mind. Invest your time on what you do best.

This is why you work with us.

Smooth Operations Utmost Lawful